(What Is Your SEO Strategy? - Day 3 of 7) Is Your Site Trustworthy? Simple Ways To Boost The Trust Factor That’s Becoming More And More Important For Ranking

  • Mar 20, 2022


If you did an audit of various websites, you'd quickly see that not every page that does on-page SEO well ranks well. They may have chosen keywords wisely and optimized their content for them. Yet still, they are buried deep down in the search results while other sites rank with the bare mention. 


One of the main reasons is the trustworthiness of one website over the other, and there's a lot you can do to make sure you measure up. Show the search engines and, just as importantly, your readers that you have a website that everyone can trust. 


Install an SSL certificate. You want your website to be accessible through the more secure HTTPS protocol. Speak to your host about getting this installed and what steps you need to take to insure your entire site is converted over. Most hosts have a fee for the certificate, though some will offer it as part of their standard package. 


Improve your website's load time and make sure it is mobile-accessible and responsive. These technical details are becoming more and more critical when it comes to ranking well. You're almost dead in the water if you don't get this right. If you are using WordPress to run your site, choosing a suitable theme will go a long way towards helping you accomplish this. 


Add your website's privacy policy, terms of service, and FAQ pages. Adding these pages (and making sure you link to them from each page on your site) will signal credibility to the search engines. It will also show your visitors and potential customers that you are serious about what you're doing. 


Social signals are another vital part of trustworthiness. We are social creatures who look to others for cues on who we can trust and avoid. Set up social media profiles to go along with your site. Build your audience there and share your best pieces of content regularly. As others like, comment, and share, your credibility will start to go up. 


Last but not least, work on credible content and only try to get links to your site from credible sources. It may be tempting to go on sites like Fiverr to buy traffic and links, but it will likely do little good and hurt you in the long run. Instead, build that reach and those links organically and over time. 



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