Getting Traffic From Google (Chapter 5)

  • Dec 14, 2022

Chapter 5: The Importance of Your Domain Name


A domain name is vital to the success of a website. It's where you'll direct all of your potential prospects too. To allow them to turn into clients, you need to create an excellent 1st impression. Owning your domain name instead of a free geo-cities web address (cumbersome and lengthy) will enable you to achieve this.
A domain name is your unique identity and always will be so long as you make use of that name. Say, for example, you hosted your free site with geo-cities and discovered that you needed a far more high-level host as your site was successful. Visitors to your website would know you from the long geo-cities U.R.L., and you would need to start advertising your U.R.L. once again from scratch.
If you own your domain name, you could change your host as frequently as you prefer, and folks would still have the ability to locate you merely by typing the name of your domain into a search engine.
You can promote your site rather than another person's when you are sending emails because your domain's name will be contained in the email address. For instance, is promoting while is promoting and branding
You're likely to have significantly more traffic with your domain name to your site. Folks can remember your address easier, and many search directories, for example, Yahoo only index sites using their domain name.  
Yet another benefit of having your domain name is that you can use custom error pages to avoid folks from leaving your website due to broken links along with other errors.
Names for domains are so inexpensive that there is no excuse for lacking one. Here are some pointers that will help you select a good one:
Size does matter
Regarding domain names, small is good. It's simpler to brand, simpler to remember, and harder to misspell.
Simple to Remember
Try to obtain a name that's simple to remember and sounds good. Search for combinations of available names or non-general names which sound good together and rhyme.


Connect with your company

If you are using keywords associated with your company industry to name your domain and your other web pages, you can help your search engine rank. What's better still is if you're able to get your actual business name, or perhaps a name much like your organization name, as your domain name. In this manner, all of your offline brandings can pay off online as online users will be able to guess your domain name from your own business name.


Avoid similarities

This means you need to avoid choosing names of domains that currently have similar counterparts online. If you select one of these, some people could wind up on your competitor's site instead of yours.


.com is best

You need to always strive for a .com version of a name as that is what most users will type into a search or directly in their web address bar. If you buy a .net or .tv (or any other extension available) and your competitor owns the .com extension, then you have lost a potential sale.

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