5 Tips for a Winning Website

  • Dec 16, 2022

Websites should offer a service, not just lip service. Make sure that your coaching website actually offers something to a visitor. Here are five pointers that will help turn a passerby into someone who will stay to learn more. By offering these options for visitors, you can turn a “potential” client into an “actual” client.


1. Get Their Email Addresses


A good way to get a lurker to introduce himself is to offer a resource that can’t be accessed without an email address. This could be a newsletter, a free online coaching video, a subscription, or anything else, as long as it stands behind a wall where the key is contact information. Once that is given, use it to slowly introduce subscribers to your work.


2. Give the Visitors Scheduling Options


People like to have options to schedule, reschedule, and cancel appointments at their convenience. One way to provide convenience is an online calendar that clients can use for scheduling without your involvement.


3. Show Off


Now is not the time to be bashful. When someone checks out your website, illustrate that your knowledge is beyond stellar and absolutely vital to a successful life. Do this by having a small e-book to offer, or perhaps record a video interview so that visitors can get an idea of who you are.


4. Help Visitors Spend Money


While it takes far more effort on your part, try to make a shopping cart available on your website. This will allow visitors to hire you immediately. Once they learn more about you, they won’t be able to stay away.


5. Respond to Best Questions from your Ideal Client



This would essentially be the Frequently Asked Questions area of your website. Presumably, a lot of potential clients will have the same sorts of problems, so why not have a section that lists popular questions and answers? This lets visitors to the website know that other people have had their problems and that you know how to address those particular issues.


Is your website ready for an update? You should be updating your website regularly, but if you haven't brought the entire design into the 21st century - let's talk! Or learn more about how to create an RFP for website design so that you can be sure to make it clear to us or other website design firms exactly what you are looking for. 

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